Vent-A-Roof® for Builders and Roofers

Easy to install and meets all Australian building standards

Vent-A-Roof® is ideal for Builders and Roofers looking for a ventilation solution for their metal roofing projects. Vent-A-Roof® is a continuous ventilation system designed for most metal roofing profiles and it is considered a universal system due to its applications including ridges, hips, skillions, parapet walls, aprons, barge capping, insulated panel and general metal wall cladding. Made from .4 Zinc Aluminium Sheet Steel, Vent-A-Roof® is available in all COLORBOND colours.

Why Builders and Roofers Love Vent-A-Roof®

Builders love this fully compliant roof ventilation system – Form 15 certified, BAL and cyclone rated, compliant with 2019 NCC and wind-driven rain tested. Vent-A-Roof®’s two-piece system is easy to design into your project and install, saving on installation and labour costs. Plus, unlike whirlybirds, without the need for roof penetrations and no moving parts, the Vent-A-Roof® system reduces the chances of leaks and callbacks.

Roofers love Vent-A-Roof® because it means no more scribing (QLD & BAL areas only) saving time and money on installation with an easy-to-install complete roof ventilation system. Plus, when installed correctly, the Vent-A-Roof® system is waterproof reducing the chances of costly call-backs for leaks.

Important Note About Vent-A-Roof For Builders and Roofers

We recommend the installation of the Vent-A-Roof® system to be carried out by a qualified roofer. While the system is easy to install, each step is of great importance to ensure the success of the installation and that the final product is watertight. Download the installation guides below or watch the installation videos. If you have any questions about installation, please call 1300 991 932.

Key Points

  • Over 50% cheaper than existing commercial ridge ventilation systems
  • 2-piece system – less components, save on labour
  • Certified Form 15 & Wind driven rain tested
  • NO penetrations in your roof, reducing leakage and call backs
  • BAL and cyclone rated, and high airflow 2.5m of ridge = 1 x 300mm-throat whirlybird
  • Condensation management
  • Attractive alternative to whirlybirds
  • Can be installed under ridges, hips, skillions and wall cladding
  • NO scribing, noise, moving parts, dry-pan or ongoing maintenance
  • 100% compliant with 2019 NCC
  • Can use traditional roll-top ridges for architectural design
  • Completely unique, concealed system
  • Easy installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproofing is provided by the closed cell foam that is pre-installed to the base of the louvre. When pulled tight and embedded into the sheet, a watertight seal is created.

Normal ridges are designed to sit flat along the sheets and in between the ribs, the valleys are ‘turned up’. This results in the air being completely restricted. The Vent-A-Roof® ridge is folded differently so that an air gap is created to release the hot air from the roof space efficiently.

NO. Leave the sheets straight and ensure sheets are laid straight. The weather proofing is performed by the closed cell, built-in foam at the base of the louvre.

Scribing ridges is recommended from manufacturers due to wind-driven rain. The Vent-A-Roof® system has been tested to 177km/hr wind-driven rain with flawless results. Therefore, there is no requirement to scribe.

Just like a whirlybird, the sarking across the ventilated area needs to be cut back or simply installed to the top batten. If looking at sarking as a BAL measure, remember that the Vent-A-Roof® system is BAL 40 certified.

The louvres themselves can be installed at approximately 30LM/hour for a team of two installers.

No, the Vent-A-Roof® ridge is made with an air gap. The roll- top ridge is made as a standard size and available directly through Lysaght® for new build residential, however all other applications are custom made. Contact us for more information.

Yes, as the product comes in 1.5 metre lengths, we recommend installing in sections of at least 3 metres, however the product can be cut to suit the roof requirements.

Eave vents are not required for the product to work, however just like whirlybirds, it does make the product more efficient.

We have a range of distributors available. Please visit the ‘Find Vent-A-Roof®’ section on our website for more information.

To calculate the cost, simply use our Cost Calculator tool or give us a call.