Vent-A-Roof® for Architects

Maintain an attractive roofline while meeting all ventilation and condensation management requirements

Vent-A-Roof® is a continuous ventilation system designed for most metal roofing profiles. It is considered a universal system due to its applications including ridges, hips, skillions, parapet walls, aprons, barge capping, insulated panel and general metal wall cladding. Made from .4 Zinc Aluminium Sheet Steel, Vent-A-Roof® is available in all COLORBOND® colours.

Why You Will Love Vent-A-Roof®?

Architects love Vent-A-Roof® because its fully concealed design leaves the roof lines beautiful and uninterrupted. It can be used across Australia, including tropical cyclone zones. In addition to being cyclone-rated, Vent-A-Roof® also meets ember and wind-driven rain standards.

Eco-Friendly and Fully Compliant

With the ability to be used on traditional roll-top ridges, Vent-A-Roof® is a visually attractive answer to roofing ventilation. This eco-friendly solution maintains health and safety standards for Australian buildings, is bushfire compliant, cyclone rated for all wind categories and wind-driven rain tested.

This fully compliant roof ventilation system is certified Form 15, BAL and cyclone rated, compliant with 2019 NCC and wind-driven rain tested. The Vent-A-Roof® two-piece system is easy to design in and install, saving on installation and labour costs. Plus, unlike whirlybirds, without the need for roof penetrations and no moving parts, the Vent-A-Roof® system reduces the chances of leakages and call backs.

Key Points

  • Maintains attractive roofline
  • Attractive alternative to whirlybirds
  • Eco friendly
  • Over 50% cheaper than existing commercial ridge ventilation systems
  • 2-piece system – less components, save on labour
  • Certified Form 15 & Wind driven rain tested
  • BAL and cyclone rated, and high airflow 2.5m of ridge = 1 x 300mm-throat whirlybird
  • Can be installed under ridges, hips, skillions and wall cladding
  • Save end user running costs
  • NO scribing, noise, moving parts, dry-pan or ongoing maintenance
  • 100% compliant with 2019 NCC
  • Can use traditional roll-top ridges for architectural design
  • Completely unique, concealed system
  • Easy installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, the universal Vent-A-Roof® application allows it to be used on skillion roofs, wall cladding and also be installed on hips.

Pitch minimums are as follows –

  • Corrugated – 5 degrees
  • 5 Rib – 2 degrees
  • Concealed clip – 5 degrees
  • If installing below 5 degrees please contact us for more information

There is no maximum as the product can be installed on 90-degree wall cladding.

Yes, typically on a 250m2 home you will need about 12m of Vent-A-Roof® ridge to comply with these new standards. Contact us direct and we can walk you through the requirements based on your existing plans.

It is definitely a viable cathedral or raked ceiling solution. We always suggest ensuring the house is designed with airflow through the ceiling and from the eaves in some way. This will ensure the system is effective. Other solutions can include internal ceiling vents, but this solution is often less architecturally attractive.

The product is rated BAL 12.5-40 but unfortunately is not FZ rated.

In terms of price, Vent-A-Roof® is up to 60% cheaper than other commercial ridge vent systems on the market. In regard to airflow, it’s important to consider what the building is designed for to ensure that Vent-A-Roof® is a workable solution. For those requiring heavy ventilation such as industrial bakeries, desalination plants or facilities that create excess heat regularly, we recommend other mechanical solutions that may be better suited in this situation. Contact us to discuss with a Vent-A-Roof® expert.

The easiest way is to simply label the ridge/skillion as a Vent-A-Roof® ridge/skillion system and include our contact details. We have a specification pack we can provide if more information is needed.

Yes, contact us direct if you require these for your design.