How does Vent-A-Roof® work?

Vent-A-Roof is a flexible and dynamic roof ventilation solution for the harsh Australian conditions

Vent-A-Roof ® is a continuous, waterproof, cyclone-rated, metal roof ventilation system that exceeds all relevant industry standards in Australia.

How it works

With Vent-A-Roof, fresh outside air is taken in either through soffit vents or through the system itself. This cooler air comes into the roof cavity from these intake points and creates a natural flow of air that leaves the hot air escaping through the top of the ridge/skillion.

Simultaneously, a positive airflow crosses over the ridge of the house creating a negative pressure that pulls air out from the ridge vent. Effectively, two thermal effects create a continuous flow of air allowing cool air into the roof/building space and extracting hot air.

The revolutionary louvre system provides an all-in-one, multi-use solution that has changed the roofing industry in Australia. Vent-A-Roof® is the proven premium alternative against traditional ventilation systems such as whirlybirds, powered vents and commercial ridges on metal roofs.