Vent-A-Roof® for Sheds and Warehouses

Vent-A-Roof for sheds is the perfect and most cost-effective roof ventilation solution for residential and light industrial metal sheds

Why is it Important to Ventilate Your Shed

While shed ventilation tends to be an afterthought when considering building a shed, it can be one of the most important elements when it comes to comfort. Ventilation reduces the temperature inside your shed providing you with a more comfortable environment. It also reduces the risk of condensation problems which might affect the quality of the air as well as the integrity of the items stored in it. If there’s too much moisture in your shed due to stagnant air, mould can begin to grow and possibly deteriorate the belongings and equipment stored here.

Talk to us about how Vent-A-Roof for Sheds can help combat the effects of poor ventilation in your new or existing shed.

Benefits of Vent-A-Roof® For Your Metal Shed

Besides improving the airflow, shed ventilation with Vent-A-Roof® helps balance the air temperature inside your shed bringing the interior temperatures closer to the external ambient temperature. Which in turn gives you a more comfortable experience inside your shed and improves energy efficiency (if cooling/heating systems are used inside the shed). With the innovative Vent-A-Roof® system, there’s no need for whirlybirds, no moving parts that create noise and no need to penetrate the roof. Which minimises the possibility of water leaks when installed properly.

No Maintenance Required

Our system is a cost-effective, set-and-forget shed ventilation solution that once installed, doesn’t require any maintenance or special considerations during weather events. This is due to it being BAL and cyclone rated for all categories in Australia.

Key Points

  • Maintains attractive roofline – no penetrations
  • NO whirlybirds – which means no risk of damages due to severe weather
  • Cost effective
  • Keep cooler in summer and manage condensation in winter
  • Eco friendly
  • No noise, breakdowns or water leaks
  • Condensation management, improve airflow and reduce mould
  • Bushfire compliant
  • Cyclone rated for all wind categories in Australia
  • Wind-driven rain tested
  • Ventilates the entire structure, leaving no hotspots

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. Ventilation enhances insulation and vice-versa. We encourage both for the best living environment.

Vent-A-Roof® will ventilate your shed 24/7, which is why eave vents that create constant airflow make the system more effective. However, Vent-A-Roof® will work with the air coming into the shed through windows and doors.

Most certainly! Vent-A-Roof® can be installed on lower roof aprons as well as typical skillion barges.

Yes, all flashings are designed in all COLORBOND® colours.

Definitely. Talk to your seller before to ensure they do not include ridges or barge flashings where you would like Vent-A-Roof® installed as these will need to be custom Vent-A-Roof® ridges.

Our product is very comparable to the common whirlybird. For every 2.5 metres of ridge, the Vent-A-Roof® system is equivalent to 1 x 300mm throat whirlybird.

It can be installed in sections however for the best look aesthetically and for the most efficient use, we always recommend a full-length system.

Not out of the box, however there are architectural solutions to this if desired – contact us to discuss your options. However, we recommend venting in winter regardless to keep the air quality high and the condensation low.