Vent-a-Roof – A Revolutionary New Certified Roof Ventilation System

Vent-A-Roof is the latest technology in roof ventilation for metal roofs. A cost-effective, architecturally attractive solution for:

Vent-A-Roof is a continuous, waterproof, cyclone-rated, metal roof ventilation system that exceeds all relevant industry standards in Australia.

Vent-A-Roof’s patent-protected design is Australia’s number one condensation management solution. Mitigating mould issues and contributing to improved health and safety in buildings across Australia.

Benefits of Vent-a-Roof

Icon that represents preventionImprove roof ventilation with continuous airflow, reduce energy consumption

Icon that represents maintenanceMitigate condensation, humidity, mould and mildew

Icon that represents nature and rain

Australian wind, bushfire and cyclone rated

Icon that represents cost

Cost-effective and attractive

Icon that represents temperatureKeep cooler in summer and manage condensation in winter

How the system works

Fresh outside air is taken in either through soffit vents or in through the system itself. This cooler air rises from these intake points and mixes within the ceiling or building space to create a natural flow of air that leaves the hot air escaping through the top of the ridge/skillion.

Simultaneously, a positive airflow also crosses over the ridge of the house creating a negative pressure which pulls air out from the ridge vent. Effectively, two thermal effects create a continuous flow of air allowing cool air into the roof/building space and extracting hot air.

Is Vent-a-Roof right for your project?

Vent-a-Roof is the perfect alternative to whirlybirds in metal roofs thanks to its sleek and efficient design. The easy-to-install system can be used across a variety of projects and it’s a cost-effective solution that is tested to stand the harsh Australian weather conditions. To know if Vent-a-Roof is right for your project, talk to one of our Vent-a-Roof experts by calling 1300 991 932 or by leaving your information in the contact form below.

Vent-a-Roof model with airflow - close up
Vent-a-Roof Side view of model with airflow
Vent-a-Roof louvres - close up