Metal Shed Ventilation with Vent-a-Roof

Importance of Shed Ventilation

While shed ventilation tends to be an afterthought when considering building a shed, it can be one of the most important elements when it comes to comfort. Ventilation reduces the temperature inside your shed providing you with a more comfortable environment. It also reduces the risk of condensation problems which might affect the quality of the air as well as the integrity of the items stored in it. If there’s too much moisture in your shed due to stagnant air, mould can begin to grow and possibly deteriorate the belongings and equipment stored here.

Benefits of Vent-a-Roof for your Metal Shed

Besides improving the airflow, shed ventilation with Vent-a-Roof helps balance the air temperature inside your shed bringing the interior temperatures closer to the external ambient temperature. Which in turn gives you a more comfortable experience inside your shed and improves energy efficiency (if cooling/heating systems are used inside the shed).

With Vent-a-Roof’s innovative system, there’s no need for whirlybirds, no moving parts that create noise and no need to penetrate the roof. Which minimises the possibility of water leaks when installed properly. Our system is a cost-effective, set-and-forget shed ventilation solution that once installed, doesn’t require any maintenance or special considerations during weather events. This is due to it being BAL and cyclone rated for all categories in Australia.

Shed ventilation for buildersFor builders

  • NO whirlybirds
  • 2-piece system – less components, save on labour
  • Certified Form 15 & Wind driven rain tested
  • NO penetrations in your roof, reducing leakage and call backs
  • BAL and cyclone rated for all categories in Australia
  • 2.5m of ridge = 1 whirlybird
  • Condensation management
  • Save end user running costs
  • NO scribing, noise, moving parts, dry-pan or ongoing maintenance
  • 100% compliant with 2019 NCC
  • Can be installed over ridges, hips, skillions and wall cladding

Shed ventilation for ownersFor owners

  • Maintains attractive roofline – NO penetrations
  • NO whirlybirds
  • Cost effective
  • Keeps sheds cool – bringing interior temperature closer to the exterior ambient temperature
  • Halve energy costs
  • Eco friendly
  • No noise, breakdowns or water leaks
Call Vent-a-Roof to discuss your shed ventilation needs and ensure you have the most optimal environment in your shed to protect your belongings, the temperature is comfortable and you can breathe easy when you’re in there. You can also find Vent-a-Roof through our stockists.

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