Vent-a-Roof installation on a new metal roof - residential retro-fit

Vent-a-Roof Installation on Existing Roofs

Do you have an existing roof that needs repairing or a complete overhaul? Vent-A-Roof easily installs into a variety of existing roofs through our Retro-Fit process to keep your building ventilated with a brand new, attractive roofline. For specifics on your particular requirements or to learn more about how Vent-a-Roof installations on existing roofs work, talk to one of our Vent-a-Roof experts by calling 1300 991 932 or by leaving your information in the contact form below.

Vent-a-Roof is the latest technology in ridge ventilation for metal roofs and it is proven to be the superior alternative to Whirlybirds.

Roof ventilation is important to maintain high liveability as well as health and safety standards in Australian buildings. It allows the hot, stagnant air that builds in the roof space to disperse to cooler outside air, which decreases the overall temperature of the structure. A well-ventilated roof means air-conditioning ducts can operate at lower temperatures, therefore using less power to cool the structure. Aside from temperature control, Vent-a-Roof is also a great solution for condensation management as it increases airflow on your roof and is a preventative measure against the build-up of mould.

Plus, without any moving parts or roof penetrations that may increase the chances of leakage, Vent-a-Roof is bushfire compliant, cyclone rated for all wind categories in Australia and wind-driven rain tested. This makes it an optimal solution for Australian conditions.

Getting Vent-a-Roof installed on existing roofs might be easier than you think! Contact us to discuss.

Why Vent-a-Roof is effective for your existing roof

For Builders

  • Over 50% cheaper than existing ridge ventilation systems
  • 2-piece system – less components, save on labour
  • Certified Form 15 & Wind driven rain tested
  • NO penetrations in your roof, reducing leakage and call backs
  • BAL and cyclone rated, and high airflow
  • 2.5m of ridge = 1 whirlybird
  • Condensation management
  • Attractive alternative to whirlybirds
  • Can be installed under ridges, hips, skillions and wall cladding
  • Save end user running costs
  • NO scribing, noise, moving parts, dry-pan or ongoing maintenance
  • 100% compliant with 2019 NCC – NO need to change existing design
  • Can use traditional roll-top ridges for architectural design
  • Completely unique, concealed system
  • Easy installation

For owners

  • Maintains attractive roofline – NO penetrations
  • NO whirlybirds
  • Cost effective
  • Keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Halve energy costs
  • Eco friendly
  • No noise, breakdowns or water leaks
  • Condensation management, improve airflow and reduce mould
  • Bushfire compliant
  • Cyclone rated for all wind categories in Australia
  • Wind driven rain tested
  • Ventilates the entire building, leaving no hotspots