How hot air is extracted with Vent-a-Roof


We recommend Vent-A-Roof is installed by a qualified, experienced roofer. Whilst it is simple to install, each and every instruction is vital to the success of the installation.

For detailed instructions please download our Louvre Installation Guide for new structures or Retrofit Installation Guide for existing structures.

Important Install Notes

  • Do not turn up the sheets. For roofs with a pitch of under 5 degrees, please contact the manufacturer for specific installation instructions.
  • When laying the roof sheets, please ensure the sheets are laid straight, with no staggered sheeting.
    When installing the louvres, always remember to embed the foam into the roof sheet at least 3mm to create a watertight seal.
  • Silicone all joins, in particular ensuring that there is no gap between the foam.
  • Always follow the manufacturer screw pattern guidelines. These vary between normal areas and cyclonic regions.
  • The throat gap between the Vent-A-Roof louvres is recommended to be 50mm-75mm at a minimum.
  • For retro-fit installations, previous screw holes are to be sealed for waterproofing.

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