Cooler house after installation of Vent-a-Roof


Vent-A-Roof is an Australian family-owned and operated business creating solutions for roof ventilation in Australia and servicing metro and regional areas around Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Hobart.

After over 40 years of experience in the Australian roofing industry, we identified a lack of ventilation solutions in the market. Because of this, our mission is to provide a product that could offer a more flexible and dynamic solution in the harsh Australian conditions. Vent-a-Roof was born in our search for an architecturally attractive, cost and energy effective system that exceeds all relevant industry standards.

The revolutionary louvre system provides an all-in-one, multi-use solution that has changed the roofing industry in Australia. Vent-A-Roof is the proven premium alternative against traditional ventilation systems such as whirlybirds, powered vents and commercial ridges on metal roofs.

Offering maximum value for money, we aim to see Vent-A-Roof challenge the current approach to ventilation in Australia for builders, roofers and architects alike. You will find Vent-a-Roof on residential buildings, commercial buildings and metal sheds around the country.

Often, the best solution is the simplest – yet the most effective. We aim to lead and innovate the Australian roof ventilation space with efficient products that withstand the test of Australian weather conditions.

Find Vent-a-Roof in all states, both metro (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Hobart) and regional areas across Australia. For more information on stockists and distribution, or to see if Vent-a-Roof is the right solution for your project please contact us today and one of our team members will be in touch soon.